Visualizing Experience:

Aleena Razzaq
3 min readJun 11, 2021


Amal Academy

As the Amal Journey is going to be completed, I am going to visualize my experience.

Amal's Journey was a roller coaster ride of emotions for me. Some weekends I felt happy and waited anxiously for the sessions, while other weekends I regretted why I enrolled in this fellowship ( No kidding… ;-) ).

All in all, I can surely say that this is the best fellowship of my life.

As for this project, I have to explain my experience of the 1st 2 weeks.

In the 2nd project, we had to fix something around us. When I read about this project today, The first thing that came to my mind was the books in my room’s bookshelf that weren’t there at that time.

In the 2nd week, I fixed my room by myself. It was very messy at that time and I was waiting for the sweeper. For the project, I fixed my room.

It proved to be a very good experience for me. I learned that day that we should not feel proud if we are privileged enough to have other people do what we should do. We should feel embarrassed that we are not able to do our own tasks. We need other people to do those things for us. From that day onwards, I do some home chores. Whenever I am free, I fix some things in my room.

The 2nd thing I did that day unconsciously was when I was arranging my bookshelf. One shelf was empty and I was thinking for some time to bring my self-help books from the hostel and keep them on that shelf. I was procrastinating for a few months about this task. When I was fixing the room, I thought about working on this task too.

I asked my friend who was coming from the hostel next week to bring my books. Tada, Next week that shelf was filled with books.

Whenever I see these books I don’t know why but I feel good.

My feelings about the journey at the start.

At the start of this fellowship, I was feeling burdened by work. I was thinking, how will I manage this? Then I saw a quote while scrolling Facebook, “ One step at a time is all it takes to get you there.” After that, I started focusing on just that week’s Project Work. And then it was a bit easier for me.

My discoveries in this journey

Before this fellowship, there were some thoughts that I was ignoring. I thought I had overcome these fears. During this journey, I got to know that those fears still exist. Though they are somewhere deep inside me, they are still there. And it made me realize that I need to work on them.

The most important discovery was that I did something that I never do. It was a spur of the moment and I did that. After that, I felt so embarrassed. It made me realize why I should never do this. And I was relieved that I didn’t do this with the person whom I have to face every day.

I am happy that I experienced that situation so I am thankful for that situation for teaching me a valuable lesson that I will never forget.

A good Note to End on:

A would like to conclude this blog by saying that

Amal has blessed me with countless memories and lessons during this journey. And I gained much much more than I expected. And for that

Thank you so much Amal Academy. Your lessons will always stay with me at every step of my life. And Thank you for the lengthy PW’s, they increased my typing speed. :-D



Aleena Razzaq