Amal Fellowship’s last session

Last week was our lesson session of Amal fellowship.

A fellowship that I will always remember. It taught me so much. Change my perspective of viewing things. Amal blessed me with so many life changing lessons that can’t be described in words.

Now lets talk about…

Pomodoro Technique:

Pomodoro Technique is basically a time management technique specially designed for procrastinators. Francesco Cirillo was the founder of the Pomodoro Technique. In the late 1980s, he developed this technique. Pomodoro means tomato in Italian.

You have to give yourself a task, basically, in this technique. You set a…

Green and Clean Pakistan:

It is painfully clear that climate change is already having an

effect on human rights. And that this effect will only grow in the

coming years.


The rate of deforestation in Pakistan has been sharply accelerated and the World Wide Fund Report…

How I took a step to achieve my long term goal that I had no idea in the morning that I will be doing something like that.

I want to become a Graphic Designer and I have taken several steps in past to achieve this task but for sometime now…

Aleena Razzaq

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